Faye Sarron
Faye has starred in a series of my short films as well as producing Latent and Lifeline

Mark Garvey


Mark has appeared in a some of my short films as well as me appearing in a series of his.

Kyle Booth


Kyle Booth is an incredibly talented composer that has created the soundtracks to a multitude of my projects.

Steffan Honour

Editor/Colour Gradist/Actor

Steffan has been one of my longest collaborators, and due to his talent he has since been editing countless projects for an ever growing group of creatives!

Sam Sergeant


An impressive composer with a vast back catalogue of music. Always on the hunt for the next creative project!

Ryan Beman


Ryan Beman is my longest collaborator, having made films since our infancy. A fantastic actor.

Rob Bryant

Director of Photography

A DOP with a distinct camera style that is perfectly inline with mine, a great collaborator

Jack Lawrence


One of the co-minds behind Kyriakos, the mockumentary web-series about an ex-pro cyclist